Saturday, May 1, 2010

Snorkel Tour

So the all day long tour was simply amazing yesterday. I have never seen so many beautiful fish in my life. I didn't know you could see such wild looking fish outside of the aquarium. The trip had three spots along the coral reef by the island. The first one we swam with a few school of fish and I was going along all clam when I turned my head to the right and saw a huge nurse shark! I had no idea they got that big and was a little paniced for a while. The next stop was called shark and sting ray alley. Before we jumped off the boat the guides through a lot of fish meat in the water and tons and tons of sand sharks came. I was thinking "do I really have to get in there!?"... I'm very glad i did because the sharks are harmless and really cool to look at. The guide cased after a giant ray and caught it so we could look at it up close and pet it. Quite the experience. On the third stop we saw more amazing fish and some big green eels. And a really funny turtle that wouldn't stop eating. The reef has been a natural refuge for years and is patroled by people a lot to make sure that the natural habbitat of the ocean is maintained. It was great to be around so much aquatic life, I hope I get the chance to snorkel again. On a lesser note, my camera hasn't turned up yet... I think i might by a disposable one.

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  1. To bad about the camera. I bet seeing the nurse shark initially was startling. I remember being at Dabob Bay and occasionally thinking about the seals and how they rip open the salmon and wondering if they ever attacked humans. I still don't know - but they didn't attack us when we swam there. The fish are pretty amazing. Your mom, gram, Lori, Billy & Sandy & I went to the Caribbean and I remember the fish when Bill & I went snorkeling - and also the beautiful shells. Sounds like a good trip. B