Sunday, May 2, 2010


Took the bus to Tulum today, about a 7 hour ride. Had to wake up at 5:45. Wasn´t that bad though because I´ve been going to bed early everynight so far. We are staying in a hostel called Lobo which has free bike rentals. It was nice to pedal around a bit today (no tall bike though). went to the beach for the last few hours before sun set. The town here isn´t much to look at but there are some ruins right by where we are staying which we will check out tomarrow. I´ve been kind of homesick the last few days, hopefully that´ll blow over soon.

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  1. There's a new tall bike in downtown, bastards!

    On another notes, Logan and I (I'm sure you heard) went on that snorkeling/sailing tour last year. Did you feel like puking? Because I did the entire time. Other than that, was amazing! I especially liked hanging out on the way back and drinking Kool-Aid mixed drinks. I'm so jealous, especially because y'all are hanging in Belize.

    Wear sunscreen,

    Erin Caldwell