Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playa Del Carmen Farwell

Well, its been an experience. Straight off the show MTV spring break. I pretty much sat back and watched my culture. Well I guess it´s not really my culture because im not really involved in it and I don´t really know anyone that is. It´s been inspiring in a deppressing sort of way. Seeing other lifestyles can make you super happy with the one you have. I feel so motivated to try harder then ever at what I know is important in this world. Orange fake tans, empty beer cans, and dancing don´t last. It´s nice to be part of other things that actually do.

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  1. I for one want an orange tan =). Kiddin. So good to feel grateful for what you have...traveling, time away, and people watching is good for that. Sounds like your in a good place physically and mentally and ready to come home and get busy. (It really is your birthday month- your Palace gift card came time to start celebrating.) thanks so much for the Mother's Day call from Mexico. Your a thoughtful son. luv, mom