Friday, April 30, 2010


Going out on a sailboat to swim with the fishes today. Hopefully my camera turns up...


  1. Swimming with the fish's is good - the smaller fish's - the bigger fish's - I don't know. Super windy the last couple of days. We played pool at Grant's last night with Em & the Blos and saw Johnny Sand at D & M. He was studying - going to CWU, short hair and looked a lot different. His dad did the hogloppit - the 21 mile race (?) between Mission Ridge and Blewitt Pass. I would like to do it next year - maybe ? Hope you 2 are doing well. B

  2. That would be fun to do that race next year. i want to start running when I get back home. Pool is really fun, I started to play a little bit before leaving. That's nice that you saw johnny.