Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sick Day

Well, we finally got sick with only a week left to go! Spent most of the day in bed but we are both feeling a lot better already. It was probably just a slight reation to food. We have been supper fortunate to have such good health otherwise. it would be the pitts to be down and out in such hot weather for a long period of time. Today I have been grazing for jobs on the worldwide web. I applied for some. I really want to get on making a personal web page-resume, i think that would help me land something a bit better as it is the thing to do these days. i´ve been plotting out the design and am excited to get cracking on once I get back and am around a scanner. well, hopefully tomarrow we´ll get out and about so the blog posts won´t be so darn boring!


  1. Sorry to hear that you both were sick - but good you're feeling better. I am amazed that you have both eaten all the food and have done fine so far. We had a really nice time with your family and Dave and Marie on Saturday - we were all sad that you and Sarah weren't here. Another beautiful day here - I don't know about the wind - but blue skies. That is interesting about looking for jobs - online - I am still in the past. Oh well. I made some peach,apricot,banana,grape juice smoothies last night from frozen stuff from last summer and they were really good.

  2. We have been so relieved that you have escaped sickness during your travels up 'til now and that your already feeling better. If you guys want to see something to cheer you up check out (a site by Doc we really think he is a quack?! =). Rosebud is also sick today and staying home. Gonna make her a "kill the cold" juice concoction (carrots, apples, spinach, garlic, and ginger). So happy that the countdown is in the single digits! (a web resume sounds good)