Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This town has been super low key, working on art and running and anticipating the return home ( a week!). It has the colonial aesthetic and there are some pretty neat cathedrels. Our hotel has a pool but it looks pretty scummy. Lastnight the owner and his group of friends were out in the courtyard making noises 'till all hours of the morning, I managed to sleep still though which I am super thankful for. Hey, does anyone remember Kyle Bain? Good highschool buddy? of course you do! well you should all check out his music if you get a chance. i stumbled upon it this morning and it is super beautiful. just click this link. http://www.myspace.com/kylbnmsc

do it, seriously!

we are moving on from here today to the Isle de Mujeres. Not to far from here. We hear there are some waves there that are boogie boardable. Which would be killer. Logan and I have been playing heaps of Gin Rummy, he's cleaning house but I'm getting better bit by bit. We have a little ongoing tally.

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  1. Hi Scott and Logan - I don't remember Kyle Bain but I do like his music. Gin Rummy I have never played - let's hope you don't owe Logan to much. A really nice day here today - about 65' and not to much wind. The boogie board waves sound good - hopefully not to big - remember my almost broken nose on Maui. Bye for now. B