Monday, May 17, 2010

Cancun #2

Back in Cancun. It actually has the best beach of any place we have been yet, guess we could have just stayed here the whole time. Yesterday we were out body surfing all day. The waves were the perfect size and my shorts almost washed to shore without me a few times. It was the only day I failed to put on sun screen. I guess I wasn't tan enough to block the rays, as I have been feeling the pain of the big burn very much. Luckily it is my first real burn of the trip. Weird cause we are going home so soon. But it works for me because it is raining hard outsite and it's nice to take it easy and do some school work. Today I think I had the best meal of the vacation, empanadas cooked to a perfection. None better. Two nights ago we went out to the movies and saw the new Robin Hood film. It isn't worth writing home about.

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  1. So glad the trip sounds like it's ending on a good note, 'cept for the burn. But you'll probably come home looking nice and tan. So Cancun sounds like a nice place to celebrate a 40th birthday or something? We are having Alcalpoca Delight tonight and will think of you. Got a couple of Mexican mangoes for Em 'cuz she's still feeling punk (50 cents each). What are Empanadas?