Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grand Conote

So, this blog was getting a little boring with no photos. I guess Ill borrow some from the world wide web so you all can at leats get a sense of where we are and what we are doing. No, we are not knitting food iteams like the slice of pizza above. I just thought it was cool. Bellow is what we actually did today. About a 4 mile bike venture from out hostel. We were good and ready to jump into the cool water after the ride. We rented a snorkel and the water was so fresh and pure. Cave birds were darting every which way, I was suprised that I didnt get smacked by one. There wasnt a huge variety of fish but there was a large amount. and one small turtle. On the journey home Logans cycle got a flat tire so we had a fun walk back. We have been playing some cards...Logan wins every game.

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  1. That water looks so beautiful and clear. Biking sounds nice. Your swimming stories makes me want to paddle around somewhere. Asked ABY if she wanted to go to the pool but she doesn't have a suit.