Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The days go on

This morning I rode my bike to the beach and went for an early morning run for about a mile and a half. Everyone one knows what song was playing in my head the whole time. It is a great feeling to zip along that one space where the sand and the incoming waves meet. I have been loving my schedual of getting in bed by about 10 pm and getting up early to start off my day with plenty of time to work on various projects and plot out some future plans and ambitions.

This morning we once again had the hostels egg and tortilla breakfast. The hot weather has really stunted my appitite, but Im a sucker for any food you can put hot sauce on, especially for breakfast.

Lastnight this guy that (kind of but not really) works at the hostel made some pretty good and fatty BBQ. It was good, but there was a salad as well and I have been all about veggies when they come cause its kind of rare.


  1. That is amazing that veggies are somewhat rare - I would have thought otherwise. BBQ is tasty but does get old real quick. Getting up early for planning and working is really nice. I love the early mornings - I am up but generally don't get up as early as I used to. I remember about 41 years ago when I went on a field trip with an ornithology class from the University of Montana. We camped out on the Olympic Peninsula and viewed many varieties of shore birds and in the viewing we were on the beach and the running chasing the waves along the beach break line was the best part of the trip for me. Yesterday I was setting up some handline irrigation along the field and found a small ruby crowned kinglet. It was a beautiful little bird and I set it back near the base of the tree and when I returned sadly it had died, they are very frail and had probably fallen out of the nest. A very precarious journey from conception to flight, fraught with many obstacles. I thanked the Lord for the little bird and found a resting place for him. Be safe. B

  2. So it's bird stories on the farm Puddles the black duck has piled up a nest of eggs and is setting on them. But yesterday something got 7, cracked them open and sucked them out. She still has about 14 left and she hisses and pecks at the chickens who are very curios.
    As for food...had burritos for Cinco De Maiyo last nite and tonight it's b-bque goat steaks (yes, I'm thinking of Logan).
    Didn't have to think twice about the music to the idea of a beach run. Sounds like you don't even need an ipod for jogging. Oh I love that soundtrack!
    As for the days going on...sounds like you've created a good healty schedule to help make it through these days that are no doubt dragging. A schedule helps almost everything.
    We all love you.