Friday, May 7, 2010

People Watching

Well the town we are in, Playa de Carmen, is supèr tourisy. It doesnt feel like I am even in Mexico. but it is a welcomed variation as it gives one much to think about. People watching is very intersting, especially other people on vacation. I dont know what it is but it is very fascinating. Lastnight we sat on a balcony and gazed for hours at the passers by bellow. The beach here is once again a beauty and I have had the pleasure of a few swims already. We probably wont stay here for to much longer as it is more like the US then Washington state. Well, less then 2 weeks tell I get to come home and hopefully see all of you!

1 comment:

  1. that sounds very interesting. Humans do the funniest things. Quirky. What a different crowd from Oly. Eburg crowd is very predictable. Your lil' sis, however, went to school dressed like a french girl...knitted beret, royal blue cardigan, bright green mini skirt and dandylion yellow leggings (oh yeah and raspberry sneakers). Reminds me of when your attire was a little more artsy! Now your just chillin' on the sand watchin' the colorful folk around.