Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Went to the ruins here, not as exciting as the Palenque ones. They were not really restored that much which was neat but everything was roped off except for some paths to walk around on. The highlight was that the ruins are right on the ocean side and there was this little cove that you could swim in with some nice sized waves for body surfing. We both got disposable cameras so we won{t come home completly empty-handed. It is kind of nice to have to think about your photos more because you only get a limited amount of chances to get good shots. After the ruins we rode the bikes at our hostel into town. It is a nice but hot ride, I forgot to put sun screen on and it turns out that my nose wasn´´t as tan as I thought. Not to painful though, nothing compared to Logans back. In town we got some fruit and veggies at a little market. Nice to have some produce for a change, my bowls will appreciate it. We want to check out some caves we have been hearing about around here but today might be to hot as they are a couple mile hike through the jungle. At our hostel they have a free breakfast every morning. Today was some great pancakes and watermelon. Nextdoor to our place is the best taco stand I have ever eaten at, fresh made tortillas with many meat selections. Chirizo with potatoes is my favorite, very spicy. I have gotten a lot of drawing done the last few days which is great because I have an art show coming up in June at this place called the Northern. (www.northernolympia.com). The show will be up for about a month. It is pretty exciting but I wish I had a bit more time to finish some art.
Today I think we are gonna ride bikes more and hit the beach. We haven{t found any boogie board rentals but I am itching to get on one!


  1. Hot sounds nice; sorry about the burns (aloe vera). Wind whipped here and cold. Swimming sounds wonderful, especially in a little cove. Do you see goats? Happy bike riding and drawing you two!

  2. Seen a few goats, but not heards. Most tied to a stake with a short amount of rope.