Monday, May 17, 2010

Cancun #2

Back in Cancun. It actually has the best beach of any place we have been yet, guess we could have just stayed here the whole time. Yesterday we were out body surfing all day. The waves were the perfect size and my shorts almost washed to shore without me a few times. It was the only day I failed to put on sun screen. I guess I wasn't tan enough to block the rays, as I have been feeling the pain of the big burn very much. Luckily it is my first real burn of the trip. Weird cause we are going home so soon. But it works for me because it is raining hard outsite and it's nice to take it easy and do some school work. Today I think I had the best meal of the vacation, empanadas cooked to a perfection. None better. Two nights ago we went out to the movies and saw the new Robin Hood film. It isn't worth writing home about.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Island Day!

So we rented some mopeds today and shredded the streets for the whole of one hour. Supper fun after a few mellow days. The day before we walked for like 6 of 7 miles to the otherside of the island which was rather hard in the heat but still amzing. The coastline is very pretty with big waves thrashing against the rocks. I have been running everyday for a while and I´m getting more and more into it. I want to start training for a big run when I get back. It makes you feel so good afterwards. Yesterdat I got an email back from the editor of The Weekily Valcano in Tacoma, a magazine about arts and culture. I´m sending him some samples of my writing and some ideas about articles and it sounds like it might be a possablity for some job status. It is not a sure thing so I will not get my hopes up. I´m still pumping out a lot of art in pen and ink form, working up for the june show. So glad there is only 5 more days here. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sick Day

Well, we finally got sick with only a week left to go! Spent most of the day in bed but we are both feeling a lot better already. It was probably just a slight reation to food. We have been supper fortunate to have such good health otherwise. it would be the pitts to be down and out in such hot weather for a long period of time. Today I have been grazing for jobs on the worldwide web. I applied for some. I really want to get on making a personal web page-resume, i think that would help me land something a bit better as it is the thing to do these days. i´ve been plotting out the design and am excited to get cracking on once I get back and am around a scanner. well, hopefully tomarrow we´ll get out and about so the blog posts won´t be so darn boring!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This town has been super low key, working on art and running and anticipating the return home ( a week!). It has the colonial aesthetic and there are some pretty neat cathedrels. Our hotel has a pool but it looks pretty scummy. Lastnight the owner and his group of friends were out in the courtyard making noises 'till all hours of the morning, I managed to sleep still though which I am super thankful for. Hey, does anyone remember Kyle Bain? Good highschool buddy? of course you do! well you should all check out his music if you get a chance. i stumbled upon it this morning and it is super beautiful. just click this link.

do it, seriously!

we are moving on from here today to the Isle de Mujeres. Not to far from here. We hear there are some waves there that are boogie boardable. Which would be killer. Logan and I have been playing heaps of Gin Rummy, he's cleaning house but I'm getting better bit by bit. We have a little ongoing tally.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Playa Del Carmen Farwell

Well, its been an experience. Straight off the show MTV spring break. I pretty much sat back and watched my culture. Well I guess it´s not really my culture because im not really involved in it and I don´t really know anyone that is. It´s been inspiring in a deppressing sort of way. Seeing other lifestyles can make you super happy with the one you have. I feel so motivated to try harder then ever at what I know is important in this world. Orange fake tans, empty beer cans, and dancing don´t last. It´s nice to be part of other things that actually do.

Friday, May 7, 2010

People Watching

Well the town we are in, Playa de Carmen, is supèr tourisy. It doesnt feel like I am even in Mexico. but it is a welcomed variation as it gives one much to think about. People watching is very intersting, especially other people on vacation. I dont know what it is but it is very fascinating. Lastnight we sat on a balcony and gazed for hours at the passers by bellow. The beach here is once again a beauty and I have had the pleasure of a few swims already. We probably wont stay here for to much longer as it is more like the US then Washington state. Well, less then 2 weeks tell I get to come home and hopefully see all of you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The days go on

This morning I rode my bike to the beach and went for an early morning run for about a mile and a half. Everyone one knows what song was playing in my head the whole time. It is a great feeling to zip along that one space where the sand and the incoming waves meet. I have been loving my schedual of getting in bed by about 10 pm and getting up early to start off my day with plenty of time to work on various projects and plot out some future plans and ambitions.

This morning we once again had the hostels egg and tortilla breakfast. The hot weather has really stunted my appitite, but Im a sucker for any food you can put hot sauce on, especially for breakfast.

Lastnight this guy that (kind of but not really) works at the hostel made some pretty good and fatty BBQ. It was good, but there was a salad as well and I have been all about veggies when they come cause its kind of rare.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grand Conote

So, this blog was getting a little boring with no photos. I guess Ill borrow some from the world wide web so you all can at leats get a sense of where we are and what we are doing. No, we are not knitting food iteams like the slice of pizza above. I just thought it was cool. Bellow is what we actually did today. About a 4 mile bike venture from out hostel. We were good and ready to jump into the cool water after the ride. We rented a snorkel and the water was so fresh and pure. Cave birds were darting every which way, I was suprised that I didnt get smacked by one. There wasnt a huge variety of fish but there was a large amount. and one small turtle. On the journey home Logans cycle got a flat tire so we had a fun walk back. We have been playing some cards...Logan wins every game.


Went to the ruins here, not as exciting as the Palenque ones. They were not really restored that much which was neat but everything was roped off except for some paths to walk around on. The highlight was that the ruins are right on the ocean side and there was this little cove that you could swim in with some nice sized waves for body surfing. We both got disposable cameras so we won{t come home completly empty-handed. It is kind of nice to have to think about your photos more because you only get a limited amount of chances to get good shots. After the ruins we rode the bikes at our hostel into town. It is a nice but hot ride, I forgot to put sun screen on and it turns out that my nose wasn´´t as tan as I thought. Not to painful though, nothing compared to Logans back. In town we got some fruit and veggies at a little market. Nice to have some produce for a change, my bowls will appreciate it. We want to check out some caves we have been hearing about around here but today might be to hot as they are a couple mile hike through the jungle. At our hostel they have a free breakfast every morning. Today was some great pancakes and watermelon. Nextdoor to our place is the best taco stand I have ever eaten at, fresh made tortillas with many meat selections. Chirizo with potatoes is my favorite, very spicy. I have gotten a lot of drawing done the last few days which is great because I have an art show coming up in June at this place called the Northern. ( The show will be up for about a month. It is pretty exciting but I wish I had a bit more time to finish some art.
Today I think we are gonna ride bikes more and hit the beach. We haven{t found any boogie board rentals but I am itching to get on one!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Took the bus to Tulum today, about a 7 hour ride. Had to wake up at 5:45. Wasn´t that bad though because I´ve been going to bed early everynight so far. We are staying in a hostel called Lobo which has free bike rentals. It was nice to pedal around a bit today (no tall bike though). went to the beach for the last few hours before sun set. The town here isn´t much to look at but there are some ruins right by where we are staying which we will check out tomarrow. I´ve been kind of homesick the last few days, hopefully that´ll blow over soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Snorkel Tour

So the all day long tour was simply amazing yesterday. I have never seen so many beautiful fish in my life. I didn't know you could see such wild looking fish outside of the aquarium. The trip had three spots along the coral reef by the island. The first one we swam with a few school of fish and I was going along all clam when I turned my head to the right and saw a huge nurse shark! I had no idea they got that big and was a little paniced for a while. The next stop was called shark and sting ray alley. Before we jumped off the boat the guides through a lot of fish meat in the water and tons and tons of sand sharks came. I was thinking "do I really have to get in there!?"... I'm very glad i did because the sharks are harmless and really cool to look at. The guide cased after a giant ray and caught it so we could look at it up close and pet it. Quite the experience. On the third stop we saw more amazing fish and some big green eels. And a really funny turtle that wouldn't stop eating. The reef has been a natural refuge for years and is patroled by people a lot to make sure that the natural habbitat of the ocean is maintained. It was great to be around so much aquatic life, I hope I get the chance to snorkel again. On a lesser note, my camera hasn't turned up yet... I think i might by a disposable one.