Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mural painting

After class yesterday we headed over to Amilie´s hostel to get started on a mural. We each had a few ideas sketched out and a big wall infront of us, time to get to work. We have a limited selection of house paint colors, whic is perfect beause I only like using about four colors per painting. I worked on a big cactus character which I need to finish up today. We worked straight until midnight with no break. It felt really good to have a paint brush in my hand again and I can´t wait to strat working on it today after classes.


  1. Hopefully we can see a picture of the mural when it is done. How hot is it there and is there high humidity ? Raining here for the last 2 days. Taco's sound good. B & S

  2. Dad had a paintbrush in hand yesterday only his job of staining was not quite as interesting as abovementioned mural painting. Will be interested to see big cactus he prickly? Sounds like your settling into a nice schedule. Em mentioned she "chatted" with you. Today I am working in the dirt.

  3. It´s not very hot in San Cristobal, probably mid 70´s. The nights get kind of chilly. The humidity is also quite mild here but the elivation is big. I am loking forward to getting back to hotter weather on the coast in a few days.