Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maya Ruins

Today we went on a tour bus to go see some mayan ruins. They were located about two hours outside of the city we are staying in. At the ruins we encountered our first sights of other tourists, and there were quite a few. Our guide was young and helpful and had lots of interesting things to point out about the twelve or so ruins that were at the sight. They were huge and breath taking and unfortunatly we couldn´t climb to the top as they were recently roped off. Most of the temples had sacrifical platforms which was kind of morbid. The main temple was built in such a way that it captured sun on all four different sides to cast shadows of snakes, indicating the change of season and the need for human sacrifice. A portion that I found a little more up-beat was the handball quart. It was huge! no one really knows the rules to the game but the hoops where the players shot the ball in where extremly high up and small, so I´m guessing it was really hard.
The city we are staying in is called Merida and it is really big. The hotel we are staying in is in pretty bad shape, we got bed bugs and spider bites. But it´s no biggie there not that bothersome. The food here is pretty cheap, Logan got a hot dog wraped in baccon yesterday for 50 cents. We will probably stay here for at least one more night then head off to a language school. I really need to pick up more Spanish as I want to talk to more people!
hopefully more pictures soon.

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  1. Sounds interesting, the ruins and all (just finished a mystery book interwoven with human sacrifice, creepy I agree.) You do a nice job of describing the tourist scene and I can almost imagine being there-thanks. We had burritos the other night and toasted to you being in Mexico a week. Sounds like we need to get the dogs(with bacon) goin' on? Good attitude about the bugs. This morning I found a tick in the bathroom and thought of you. Actually, I think of you all the time.