Monday, April 19, 2010

San Cristobal

We arrived in San Cristobal yesterday after an amazing bus ride through very very tall hills with jungle like growth. It was a seven hour ride but it breezed by pretty fast because the scenery was so beautiful, like no other drive I have seen. In random places in the jungle growth there was a bunch of corn growing. The vegitation here is so much different, as is the way people farm. San Cristobal is pretty big and a little more touristy then the other cities we have been in. Yesterday we were walking down one of the main streets and guess what? we hear a familure voice saying Scott and Logan! it was our good friend Ameilie from Olympia. She has been living down in Mexico for the past four and a half months making art and friends. She knows the language well and introduced us to some funny characters lastnight. Today we start a language school. It is located right by our hostel which is nice. I´m not that jazzed about our hostel as there are a lot of people from europe that seem to get a little to loud and drunk around the campfire and keep me awake at night. Oh well, it´s just one of those things. The hostel is pretty packed but their is a nice outdoor space were I drew for hours today. I finally got into an art grove, just in time because Amelie and us are going to start a mural in the hostel she is staying in soon. Pictures don´t really upload as Logan's computer is to slow. Should have brought the mac book! but hopefully I can figure out a way to share them, there´s some goodies!

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  1. Oh goody, we're having so much fun reading your descriptive and interesting blogs. (I think you could write for travel magazines). Definately, they make us want to be there with you. Things are finally greening up around here and I am enjoying the emerald color of the hay fields, but to drive through a jungle, now that is exceptional. Are you feeling fine, what are you eating, and are you missing Sarah terrible? How very fun to meet Ameilie, tell her hello. Best of luck in the language school. We all love you and think of you so many times each day. These posts help much...thank you for taking the time. marmeco