Friday, April 23, 2010

School Days

well, language school has come to an end. I feel like I would need another few months to really understand what the heck I am saying but at least I got a little bit of a language launch pad. I really got along with my teacher and wish that the school wasn't so pricey so I could stay a bit longer. oh well! Lastnight we saw this french band preform in this little cafe and it lifted my spirits ten fold. I didn't realize how much I missed hearing live music until there was this explosion of it infront of me. The band had an acordian, claranet, two guitars, and this box drum. The players spend through some rapid european sounding gypsy jazz and had the whole of the cafe clapping and shouting along. There are many cafes in San Cristobal, it's kind of a big culture here. It made me miss the days sitting outside D&M coffee. I realized that I hardly ever go to coffee shops anymore. It's a great time to start again.
We have meet quite a few intersting characters here. One refers to himself as "pollo loco" (crazy chicken). He is rather crazy and fun to talk with as he knows a bit of english. Another called "homie" started his own buisness in las vegas at 18. A store selling vitage levis from the 40s and 50s and expesive (fake) watches and stuff. The store started doing well and his buisness partner got greedy and informed the police that he was in the US illegally. He was deported. But it seems like he is doing okay back in mexico. We are heading back to the beaches in the morning.
a big shout out to my friend alex johnson. his dad just died a few days ago, randomly.


  1. Hey Scott & Logan - How much is the language school - I would probably help you 2 if you wanted another week if it wasn't a fortune ? One week comes and goes quick especially if you don't know the language. The cafe with the french band sounds good - I am sure I would have liked the music. Your mom and sisters came up yesterday and had tea and cookies with Gram. I had a cookie - a really good one from the Roslyn Natural Market. really good. You will like seeing Jewels and Pepper - Gram's cats - they are great and fun and are getting bigger. The beach will be nice - warm. B

  2. Memories of D&M and your long afternoons of coffee and conversation. Saw Kathy Sand yesterday at Margaret MacLennan's Memorial (just died at 100). Made me remember you and the Sand boy's hangin' there and TL and Llyod, of coarse. Kathy asked about your hair mentioning how she always thought it looked nice and layed so straight-funny. Said it was Oly style-funnier. Sympthies to Alex.