Friday, April 16, 2010


We made it to Campeche after another bus ride full of to many stops and to much air condition, I don´t know why the drivers feel like they have to blast it so much. Our new hostel is called the monkey and the roof has a very amazing veiw of the city center, there is an awesome cathederal right acrossed the street that looks super illuminating at night. we went in and their were beautiful paintings, mainly of jesus. none of the virgin mary at this cathederal which is kind of strange. The veiw from our roof is super european and dose not look like the rest of Mexico that I´ve seen. There are cafe tables on the roof, we spent a large portion of the day and night yesterday just sitting up there. Back in Merida we went this free art museum that I don´t think I wrote about yet. It was really amazing for free enterance, very modern. There was a lot of historical artifacts paired with contemporary art exhibits. One artist, Juan Carlos Bravio stood out. He paints large canvases textured with geso to mimic the cement wall that traditional murals are painted on. On the canvases Juan delicatly paints portraits in monocromatic color schemes. The faces all seem to be women but it is hard to tell on a few. The texture of the canvas makes the skin look very realistic in a strange way that i haven´t seen before. Well, I´ve been looking at art for a while on the computer here, time to go make some of my own!

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  1. Hey Scott & Logan - Thanks for sending the updates. The water looks really nice in Campeche. I looked at some photos in Flickr. Also looked at Juan Carlos art and it is interesting - big noses and some other big things. What are you eating for general food ? I bet is is good, probably not like El Cap. I skied some of the best powder ever at Mission last Thursday. You would have liked it. B & S