Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ruins and Agua Azual

The ruins lay just a few miles from our hostel, the Jungle Palace. It actually was in the jungle! the birds there are crazy, screaming all the time. But they are not nearly as loud as the monkeys. We didn´t get to see one but we heard them howling all night long. Two days ago we visited the ruins, which were quite cheap to get in. We climbed up many stair cases and the veiws were all unbeatable. The heat was also unbeatable, and luckily we could venture deep into the heart of the buildings were the dungeons were, a nice relief from the hot sun. I couldn´t belive how picture perfect the jungle backdrop was to the ruins. Vines and trees everywhere, it reminded me so much of the settings in the movie Jungle Book (which I probably watched over 50 times at grandma and grandpas house). I know that sounds cheesey, but it´s true. Yesterday we were so excited to visit the river and waterfalls known as Agua Azual. Unfortunatly the heat decided to hide, we went anyways. It was worth it for the scenery. The falls were clear and breath taking. There were so many of them. I took a little dip in the water but only lasted for about 10 minuets. I sat on a bench and sketched and before to long this little mexican boy came up and we had some broken conversations. I couldn´t help giving him a pen and some paper on our departure because he said he wanted to draw. Today we are headed back to the coast after a long day of waiting for the bus. In Palenque none of the buses leave till like 8 p.m. Will write soon, miss you all much.


  1. I looked at the ruins of Palenque - you guys did a lot of climbing. And you are right - it brought back memories of the ruins where the monkeys were in charge. Aqua Azual looks amazing. Was the water somewhat warm ? The bus rides must be interesting. Amber had her baby - a boy, Benjamin Dale Richardson. B

  2. hello...glad for the new post about life in the jungle. Sounds loud and lush. You'll have to branch out and watch Tarzan when you're back home-it's a new Disney fav of Acacia's (who loves monkeys, as we know). It is so very nice to hear I have a kind son who takes time to talk to little ones and encourage them along in the arts. And who is half loco to jump into chilly falls. Hope the bus came. Thinking of you all the time.

  3. Logan keeps mentioning the cold busses, it's annoying that they crank it up so much. Jungle adventures! There better be a plethora of pictures when you boys get back, I'm dying to see them, especially the ones with the mural. I wonder if other hostels would be open to paintings?

    Happy travels! It's only approx. three weeks until you guys come back, I'm so excited.